Q? I lost my password, how can I retrieve it?

A. You can retrieve a new password here: https://www.mobifreak.com/forgot-password/

Q? How much money can I earn?

A. The potential is endless. It depends fully on you and the quality of the traffic you send!

Q? How can I earn money?

A. PPS and Rev Share, depending on the campaign. The amount depends on how many leads and sales you will generate and also from which countries your traffic is coming from.

Q? What’s the difference between PPS and RevShare offers?

A. PPS means that you get a fixed one-time commission for every target a user gains. With PPS you will not receive ongoing payouts from any rebills or recurring memberships generated from that sign up. RevShare offers secure you a commission every time a user is billed, for the entire duration of the contract.

Q? What is your minimum payout?

A. Minimum payout levels are automatically set at 250 € earned. You can however, set this value higher if you would like. For Payoneer, paypal and wire the payout can go lower, minimum 100 € earned.

Q? When do I get paid?

A. Payouts are made monthly, NET15 & NET30 (we pay on 30th of the month for the money earned the previous month, with the condition that you reached the minimum amount for the payout).

Q? What are your payment options?

A. You can choose between wire, paypal and payoneer. If you have other requirements, let us know at support@mobifreak.com.

Q? Which company is transferring the money?

A. more4mobile AG headquartered in
Rosenböhleli 8
9050 Appenzell

Q? What is your policy on Spam?

A. SPAM is not allowed. See our Terms & Conditions.

Q? Do you offer webmaster referral?

A. Yes, we provide webmaster referral. Please send us an email at support@mobifreak.com to receive more info.

Q? How do I check the amount of clicks/subscriptions I have sent?

A. Stats can be checked in our online statistics tool with your personal login. All stats are in real-time. No delays in accessing your stats/subscriptions.

Q? Do I need to register for more than one account to promote the different sites and programs offered?

A. No. You can promote all the sites and use all programs with one account. We provide you with several campaign IDs to identify your traffic and clearly see the conversion on the different sources.

Q? Are your hits and sales stats in real time?

A. Yes, of course.

Q? Why do I get an error message while testing the preview or affiliate links?

A. Most of our offers are targeted on mobile devices. If you test with your desktop browser you’ll get an error message. Install a user agent switcher and identify as a mobile device such as iPhone or similar to see what your mobile users will see.

Q? Is it possible to add a subID to track my campaigns?

A. Yes, we can add a subID so you can track your campaigns. Please send us an email at the following address support@mobifreak.com or to your affiliate manager to let us know you are interested in the service.

Q? Can I use my own advertising material?

A. It depends on the offer if you are allowed to use your own advertising material or not. Have a look at the offers in available countries to see what’s allowed and what’s not.